Types of Logo Designs That are Suitable for Your Business

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Brochures, flyers, and logo designs for business are all marketing tools for your business. They can contribute to increased sales, new customers, and a higher customer retention rate. You must find the best design services to complete these jobs right the first time. The company you choose should do more than just design your marketing materials. They should provide other critical promotional services like social media management, copywriting services, and graphic production services in addition to designing a brochure or flyer. Hence, you have one-stop shopping for your needs.

Benefits of Creating Your Business Logo

A logo includes a critical part of your brand identity and marketing strategy. It is one of the first aspects that your audience sees when they visit your website, and it will either leave them wanting to learn more or tell their friends about what they just saw. There are varied approaches to designing a logo, including choosing a typeface, colors, or fonts embedded with meaning. This post lists some types of good logo designs to help you find and maintain a logo that best suits your business.

The Character Logo

This type of logo comprises of a character or characters. The concept behind this kind of logo design is that the primary character represents your main product, service, or company purpose. Such type of design is commonly found in films, TV shows, and book covers with cartoons, characters, nicknames, and icons. Rolex’s crown logo is one of the best examples of a character logo. The crown represents the king of luxury watches, and their products are sure to be high-quality, reliable, and costly.

The Emblem Logo

Emblems are designed from geometric shapes or images representing your company, products, or services. They are also commonly used in logos as an alternative to a character logo. Elon Musk’s logo on Tesla company includes the best example of an emblem logo wherein he uses his initials (a monogram) to represent his name. Such a design is an intriguing representation of his brand because it simultaneously shows simplicity but beauty and elegance.

The Word Logo

Most words have multiple meanings, which is why this logo design is mostly associated with personal brands. It describes your brand’s purpose in a single word, which may be based on your company’s name or product. The Wall Street Journal’s logo is an example of the word logo design where “Journal” represents their business and editorial style. Unfortunately, it does not make sense to anyone who cannot read, but people who already know or love what it stands for will understand its meaning.

The Symbol Logo

Symbols typically represent aspects with a deeper meaning than their basic appearance. It is common to find symbols in logos representing things like colors, values, brands, and even historical events. Apple’s logo is an example of a symbolic logo that uses its iconic apple logo as the main feature to represent its brand. The apple is a simple shape but highly representative of the company itself.

The Monogram Logo

A monogram or single initial logo is a symbol logo encompassing of only one letter or similarly scaled letters. It looks like it is a made-up word but was established using one character for each letter of the alphabet instead. The Monogram Logo is ideal for brands that do not work with words and only allow symbols in their names.

The Gaslog  Logo

This type of logo consists of a monogram or symbol where every letter of the alphabet is represented by its symbol. The monogram comprises of groups of symbols that are spaced out on the page in a well-balanced and orderly way. This library is intriguing for people who love to represent their brand through shapes but do not want to write out “Apple.”

If you want to maximize most of your marketing campaign, you should consider getting brochures, flyers, and logo designs done by a design company that can do them right the first time. Research local companies that offer design services so you can find one with all the expertise you need to create your materials in just a few days at affordable prices. However, the best logo designs can be found by going through all those types before making your choice. Choosing your first aspect will make you more confident and artistic when designing it in the future.

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